How to Play SkipAce Fantasy Disc Golf

Welcome to Fantasy Disc Golf. Here is a quick breakdown of the different ways you can play and participate in fantasy disc golf on

Year Long Draft League

This is pretty standard to the way most fantasy sports leagues work. You draft a team at the beginning of the season and each week you get to pick and choose which players on your team will compete. As a commissioner can choose different roster options (MPO & FPO starting and bench), different world-wide tours, scoring options, alternates, waiver wire options, as well as injured reserve bench positions.

Each week you accumulate wins based on the number of teams you beat. If you league has 8 members and you have the best team, you will be 7-0. Draft leagues cost $10 to create and then all the players can join for free.

Weekly Re-Draft Leagues

Weekly Re-Draft Picks Page

Weekly Re-draft leagues are more akin to what other sports call DFS. Every week you get to pick from all available players at the event and make a team limited by a ratings based salary cap that is designated by your commissioner.

Weekly Re-draft leagues can be free to create with the basic settings and events. Or if you want to pick from ANY AVAILABLE PDGA EVENT, you can pay the $10 custom league creation price and you will be able to create your own tour. That means you could select your local state or club tour right on

Each week you accumulate points based on where your players finish and your final position is based off total points accumulated throughout the season.

Survivor Leagues

One of the easiest leagues to understand. In a survivor league, you pick 1 player each week. That player MUST finish in the top 15 of the event. If they do not, you are eliminated. But, the catch is that you can only pick a player a single time each year, once you use them, they are off the books for you again.

Event Matchup Events

These are not considered leagues, because they only last for one event. It is a single event competition with the same rules as the weekly re-draft leagues. These are great for tours, clubs, or companies to run competitions that people can join in and award prizes.