League Formats

Survivor Leagues are the simplest of fantasy leagues. Each event you pick a single player and that player needs to finish in the top 15 (including ties) of the event. Once you have used a player, they are not available to you for the rest of the season. Whoever lasts the longest without missing a pick will win.
Re-draft leagues are leagues where every week you get to pick an all new (or the same) team from the entire available list of players in the event. League lineups can be limited based on a salary cap (associated with a player rating) or a free for all where you pick the best lineup. Each week you accumulate points based on your lineup and the person at the end of the season with the most points wins.
Yearly draft leagues are akin to a more traditional fantasy football league. League members all draft a team that you start the season with, while no two members can pick the same player. During the season you can add / drop players to your team. You get 1 win for each other team you beat and 1 loss for each team that beats you. At the end of the season the team with the most wins is deemed champion.
Similar to re-draft leagues, but these points do not accumulate throughout the season. They are made for individual events. You pick 6 MPO players with a salary cap of 6125 points and whoever can make the best lineup wins that week. This format is good for one-off games and contests.

Site Security

SkipAce takes user security seriously. All passwords are hashed and encrypted so that no one can see what your password is. And we recommend that you use a 3rd party authentication system (Google, FB, Twitter) with 2 factor authentication for maximum security.

SkipAce will not sell or distribute your information to any 3rd parties.
SkipAce also takes your CC security extremely seriously. SkipAce does not store or keep any credit card information in our database or domain. All credit card information is kept by our credit card processor (Authorize.Net) and is not available to us. At no point in the process can we access any credit card information on our site or our processors site.

Other FAQ Questions

  • We offer free and paid leagues on SkipAce.com.
  • You can create a survivor league or weekly-redraft league with all the default settings for free. Anyone (and as many as you want) can join. The league includes all the Elite events and Majors. Free leagues do not include things such as "Automatic Alternates" or "Custom Events".
  • A custom league costs $10 to create. But users who join the league pay nothing, it is a single $10. With custom leagues you can choose to have a custom re-draft league or a year long draft league with all the features fully at your fingertips.
Waivers run the Tuesday after the event at approx. 3am CST.
Rosters for re-draft leagues are locked when the user makes the pick. If ratings are updated while your roster is locked, the roster is STILL VALID. No changes need to be made. If the user decides to update their roster after a ratings update, all new ratings points will be in affect.

League Options

When you setup a league you have the option between multiple different event slates. Each event slate includes different events. Common slates are:
  • DGPT & Majors
  • DGPT & Silver & Majors
  • EPT & Majors
  • ET & Majors
  • Combined European Events & Majors
Your custom league can pick how many MPO & FPO starters and bench positions your league will carry.

A common question is "How many starters / bench positions should I have?" And that question is very difficult to answer because it depends on a number of factors. How many people in your league? What event slate are you using? As a general rule, assume there are a regular 70 touring MPO players and 30 FPO players. The more people on your roster the fewer available people out on free agency. A deeper bench will allow you to sit more players if they choose to not play events, like the Silver events. chai
The IR position is a spot that can be used in case a player gets hurt, or decides to sit out a time on the tour. When a player is placed into the IR position, they will be locked for 3 weeks from the time you put them on the IR. In the mean time, you can add an additional player to start or sit on your bench where that player was currently occupying.
Waivers are hold on adding or removing players while an event is in progress. This gives everyone a fair opportunity to pick up and drop players. The different waiver wire options we offer are:
  • None: A free for all, first come first serve.
  • Continual Rolling List: Initial priority is the inverse of draft order. When you make a successful claim, you drop to the bottom of the list.
  • Free Agent Budget (FAB): Wager an allotted amount of dollars for a player. Highest bidder wins.
  • Worst Standing: The player with the worst record gets priority on free agent acquisitions.
We offer 2 different scoring methods.

  • Player Place:Points are allotted based on where your players finish. Lower points wins.
  • Place Points:Scaled point system going from +250 to -250 points. Most points wins.
Alternates are a way to guaranty a full roster is played. An alternate is automatically submitted on your team if one of your players does not show, or does not finish the event.
  • Re-draft Leagues: A players is taken off of the roster that closest matches your player's rating (sorted by PDGA number).
  • Year Long Draft Leagues: The worst finishing player off of your bench is put into your starting lineup. If you do not have a player that is playing, then you get the worst available score as if your player finished last place.