About SkipAce

Skipace is owned and operated by Jon “JonnyV” Van Deurzen. I started the roots of SkipAce back in 2001, but back then it had the domain FantasyDG.com (now owned by UDisc). I had been an avid fantasy football player on Yahoo & CBSsportsline for a few years, one day while I was bored in some college lecture hall my senior year, I decided to sketch out what I thought fantasy disc golf would look like online. After a few days of running ideas thru my head, I figured that I would try to create the first online fantasy disc golf website.

FantasyDG.com back in 2005.

I opened up a totally legal, and definitely not pirated, educational version of Macromedia Dreamweaver (a wysiwyg editor at the time) and started plugging away at learning the basics of web programming and databases. And what I came up with was a very web 1.0 website. FantasyDG ran for about 10 years as a very small hobby for me, rarely did I actually update the look of the site other than a few different color options and the occasional logo update.

Like many small projects, life gets in the way. In 2007 I got married, and by 2012 I had 2 small children. Then in 2012 I stopped running the FantasyDG website. In 2014, I let the domain expire (so stupid), and within months someone else had snatched it up and was running with the fantasy disc golf idea on the domain I had registered a decade prior. I was actually really happy that someone took up the slack and was going to run with my idea at the time.

2014 was an interesting year for me, my attention had moved into the media market for disc golf. Terry Miller and I created SmashBoxxTV, rented a mobile streaming unit and decided that we were going to do livestreaming of disc golf events. That year we also started our podcast to talk all about disc golf news and information. By 2016 Steve Dodge started up the Disc Golf Pro Tour, the first truly competitive tour designed for the disc golf pro athlete. Now that disc golf had the DGPT, I felt it was a great time to look back into fantasy disc golf, and I noticed that no one was currently focused on fantasy disc golf.

2016 version of SkipAce.com

So early 2016, I started the site back up. But by then the domain I had just a few years earlier was owned by Innova (who then sold it to UDisc). I needed a new place to host Fantasy Disc Golf, and no better place than my personal website domain SkipAce.com. SkipAce was an immediate success and within a year I was already over my head with website development and ideas. At that point I started to employ some contractors that helped me expand the site and make it what it is today… the premiere site for fantasy disc golf.