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For SkipAce fantasy participants, each rating update is framed in one of two ways. For those who play season draft leagues, it is a non issue. The topic can be safely ignored. For fantasy participants in weekly re-draft leagues, it’s a BFD. Enough to adjust our lineups due to the changes in ratings. Or lock in our lineups before the update on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. 

So you lock Calvin Heimburg into your lineup before the update. After all, he equals (fantasy) fire. The hottest player on the planet is bound to go up in ratings, right? And of course, he’ll be the sole ratings leader after this update, right? Right!?

As of the May 9th update:
Calvin -1 player rating, now at 1045
Eagle +4 rating, now at 1046

Or maybe there is rhyme and reason to the ratings. Knowing Eagle McMahon is registered for OTB (Elite), BSF (Silver) and Portland (Elite), over the next 30 days. Plus knowing he’s played each event at least twice in the past 5 years. Here’s where it gets interesting. And realizing his worst average finish at each of the events is 2nd place. His worst. Of the 3 events. 2nd. Even more incredible, Eagle is averaging 1st place at BSF. Good luck Calvin, and everyone else playing MPO.

While I realize upcoming data has no impact on player ratings, Eagle’s stats were too good not to share. Plus it actually does help make sense of why the hottest MPO player isn’t currently the highest rated.

FPO and MPO Notable Rating Increases

The following tables include players who are fantasy relevant. Rate increases are a wonderful thing. Grady Shue going up 14 rating points, this update, is awesome. But as he’s not registered for any events that play in the next 30 days, he’s obviously ignored, from a purely fantasy perspective. The lists include players who are registered for at least one of the Elite events, OTB or Portland. Some are playing all 4 events, includes 2 Silver series, in the next 30 days.

Hailey King964969+5
Jessica Weese951957+6
Hanna Huynh930937+7
Emily Yale883894+11

Eagle McMahon10421046+4
Isaac Robinson10331037+4
Bradley Williams10271031+4
Niklas Anttila10321037+5
Silas Schultz10211026+5
Austin Turner10201025+5
Ben Callaway10191024+5
Robert Burrige10171022+5
Tuomas Hyytiäinen10061013+7

As great as all of the above names have been playing recently, and deserving of praise, their rate increase isn’t exactly welcomed from a fantasy perspective. It’s accepted, respected, but the player value changes in way that makes lower rated players strong considerations for re-draft leagues, than they otherwise would’ve been before the update. And carrying this rationale further, those unfortunate few who’s ratings went down, are suddenly a bit more appealing to fantasy participants. We’re here to root you on, and have faith in your inevitable bounce back, in the ratings. So drumroll please….

FPO and MPO Notable Rating Decreases

Paige Pierce973966-7
Caroline Henderson931924-7
Madison Walker944941-3

Emerson Keith10271020-7
Nikko Locastro10311027-4
Brodie Smith10241020-4
Casey White10171013-4
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