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Jonesboro – Heaven isn’t too Far Away

If you are a fan of long beautiful disc golf courses, you won’t want to miss the 2023 Jonesboro Open. The Jonesboro Open takes place from April 14th to April 16th at the Disc Side of Heaven Championship Course in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This course is known for its challenging layout, scenic views, and elevation changes of up to 60 feet.

Historically this event has been dominated on both sides by powerful throwing players. Calvin, Paul, & Ricky on the MPO side and Tattar, Allen, & Pierce on the FPO side. The course is just shy of 10K feet for the men, and just over 8,500 feet for the women. This course is unchanged from last year’s layout for either division.

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Re-Draft Leagues

When building my team this week with the 6000 point restrictions, I started with the FPO. Tattar has won this the 2 previous years and with her momentum, and I don’t see this streak ending. If you wanted to save a few points on the FPO side you could look at picking up any of the other distance dominant women like Ella, Holyn, or Cat to save yourself a few ratings points. But personally, I went with KT as my lock. From there I filled out the other FPO position with Stacie Rawnsley. Stacie has finished 12th and 15th here the past 2 years and her rating is only 943 right now.

Now to build my MPO roster. This Arkansas event has been a favorite of home state guy, Kevin Jones. KJ has an average of just over 7th place at the Disc Side of Heaven. With her current rating of 1033, he is the best steal of the top players at this event. Because of the KT & KJ picks, I have a remaining 3034 points left. Looking at some history of this event, I am going to snag some of the better finishers of the event. Casey White (9th), AJ Carey (27th), & Reid Frescura (18th). Casey has finished 18th and 5th the past 2 years. So it makes sense to put him into the lineup.

Draft Leagues

Two players you really need to look for on MPO are both players from the EU. If Joona Heinänen is available, GRAB HIM NOW. Currently only in 46% of leagues. Check to see that Linus Carlsson is on your waiver wire, grab him as well. Linus just got approved for his sports Visa and his plan is to come over to the US to play.

The FPO main player on the waiver wire that you should be looking at this week is Stacie Rawnsley. Stacie is trending up and her average finishing position is 25.5. Only owned in 26% of leagues, Stacie is on the way up.

As always you can watch the Jonesboro Open on DGN all weekend.

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