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Championship Course Update

On April 20th, the Pro Tour will be in Appling, GA for the Championship Cup at one of the tougher courses, W.R. Jackson. Disc golfer that have been watching disc golf coverage over the years knows that this is a tough course and only the best and smartest pros know how to score low and win this tournament. This year there were a few changes to the course layout from the previous tournament in 2022.


Hole 14 MPO

The teepad has been relocated for the MPO player to be behind the FPO teepad. With shortened distance from the teepad to the basket this is now a Par 4 at 736ft. Players are going to land about 440ft down the fairway and off to the left side to get the best view at the pin. For the safe play, players are going to lay up short of the creek (approximately 150ft short of the pin) and then pitch up to the pin for the easy par. On the final day of the tournament, players that need to pick up a stroke or two might get a bit more aggressive and try to make the roughly 300ft shot across the creek at a decent look at a birdie.

Hole 18 MPO

The teepad has been moved farther away from the basket only about 10 feet but in doing that they have changed the par on the hole from a Par 5 to a Par 4. Most pros are going to throw the same shot that they would have thrown in previous years but they are going to want to throw it farther down the fairway since the par changed. From the Caddie book, it looks as if they have removed some trees from the fairway giving them the option to lower the par. Pros should have no problem getting the birdie on this hole.


Hole 11 FPO

With a new basket location this is a 342ft, Par 3. The FPO players are more likely, with a strong forehand are going to throw one to the left side of the fairway about 375 feet and hyper into the green. Player that don’t have a strong forehand are going to go with a backhand turnover with a slightly understable distance driver and try to get their shot within Circle 1 for the birdie.

Hole 13 FPO

Also with a new basket location this a 351ft, Par 3. The FPO will be throwing the same shot that they are throwing on Hole #11. It is a very similar line for the forehand and the backhand line.

Hole 18 FPO

Just as the MPO teepad location changed the FPO teepad has changes as well. They have moved the teepad back 56ft so now the hole now it is a 534ft, Par 4 which was previously a Par 5. Players are going to throw a similar shot from last years tournament.

Players have been getting better and more aggressive over the past year or two, so seeing the changes that they have made seems like it would make a lot of sense and changing some of the pars is a smart change and should make the field a little bit closer and more exciting coverage and tournament.



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