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Champions Cup Monday Qualifier

The Champions Cup is one of the most prestigious disc golf tournaments in the world, featuring the top players from our sport. The competition is fierce, with players vying for a chance to lift the trophy and be crowned champion. And this year we had a Monday qualifier I am dubbing The Waiting List Open.

The top 8 scores for the Champions Cup are as follows:

  1. James Conrad – 59
  2. Chandler Fry – 60
  3. Aaron Gossage – 61
  4. Nate Perkins – 61
  5. Matt Dollar – 62
  6. Dylan Horst – 62
  7. Tim Barham – 62
  8. Andrew Presnell – 62

James Conrad leads the pack with an impressive score of 59, followed closely by Chandler Fry with a score of 60. Aaron Gossage got hot thru the middle of the course and rattled off 9 out of 10 birdies. Nate Perkins tied with Gossage for third place with scores of 61. Matt Dollar, Dylan Horst, Tim Barham, and Andrew Presnell all scored a 62, putting them tied for fifth place but filling out the top 8 spots.

Garrett Gurthie, Max Regitnig, and Ezra Aderhold all tied for ninth place with a score of 63, while Kevin Jones and Andrew Marwede tied for twelfth place with a score of 64. These are some big name players who are NOT going to be in the event.

Overall, it was a closely contested tournament on both sides, with the players needing to shoot a minimum of a 1021 rated round in MPO to advance. The top 8 scores show just how competitive the Champions Cup can be and highlight the skill of the players who compete at this level.

The FPO side wasn’t as competitive at the top, instead 4 out of the 5 competitors were moving on and the battle was between 4th and 5th place.

  1. Jessica Weese – 66
  2. Silva Saarinen – 67
  3. Emily Beach – 68
  4. Haley Childs – 76
  5. Leah Tsinajinnie – 79

It was close up until the final 3 holes on the FPO side. When Hailey finished the round with 2 bogeys while Leah unfortunately finished the round with 2 double bogeys, knocking her out of the competition for now.

SkipAce.com should update with the most current registration tonight after the PDGA updates the registration list for everyone who is in Re-Draft leagues.

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