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Music City Open Course Updates

Course Stats
The Music City Open sponsored by Lone Star Discs has a new layout for the Silver Series event this year. Previous course par was 64 for the MPO and 65 for the FPO, this year the MPO has changed to 65 and the FPO changed to 66. The course has been extended for the MPO by
roughly about 700 feet and the FPO has been extended by about 500 feet. The course this year will flow a little bit better than it did last year.

Course Layout

Let’s start with the holes that just changed numbers and tee pad locations. Before we get into the new holes that they added and moved.
Hole #1 is previous Hole #3
Hole #2 is previous Hole #4
Hole #4 is previous Hole #7
Hole #5 is previous Hole #8
Hole #6 is previous Hole #9
Hole #10 is previous Hole #12
Hole #11 is previous Hole #13
Hole #12 is previous Hole #14
Hole #13 is previous Hole #15
Hole #14 is previous Hole #16
Hole #15 is previous Hole #17
Hole #18 is previous Hole #2

Now onto the new holes for the 2023.
Hole #3 is a 277 foot Par 3 tunnel shot. There is a mandatory just to the right of the tee pad to prevent players from going toward Hole #4 tee pads. Most players will be throwing a straight putter shot through the tunnel, but they need to make sure that they don’t throw too hard because there is out of bounds right behind the pin.

Hole #7 is a 535 foot par 3 for MPO and 436 foot Par 3 for the FPO. The hole is mostly wide open so you will see more high speed slightly understable distance drivers for most of the MPO and FPO cards. The biggest obstacle on the fairway will be the tree off to the right of the fairway if you happen to turn over your drive. If you throw a too overstable finishing disc may push you to the left side of the basket and you may have an obstructed putt for your birdie. Just to the back right corner of Circle 1 there is out of bounds that the players need to worry about.

Hole #8 is a 315 foot Par 3 with similar feel to Hole #12 from 2022 layout. From the Caddy book it looks like it will have a possible low ceiling so players will have to watch their height on throws. Players will probably more than likely throwing a mid-range or fairway driver to get the distance. There are no out of bounds inside the circle like some of the previous holes but if you cross into Hole #7 fairway there is an out of bounds line there so don’t throw too far.

Hole #9 is previous Hole #11 with the tee pads moved down the fairway 151 feet closer to the basket and changed the par from a Par 4 to a Par 3. Players will probably throw something fairly straight with very little fade.

Hole #16 is a 305 foot Par 3 island green. Any shots that don’t land inside Circle 1 are sent over to a drop zone that is located just outside Circle 1. Depending on the height of the trees over the water there will either be a big hyzer line or a mid-range straight at the basket.

Hole #17 is a 355 foot Par 3 over the same water that was just thrown over on Hole #16. This another island green so you have Circle 1 around the back and sides of the basket are out of bounds and then straight in front of the pin to the water is inbounds. If you don’t land within the Island then you go to the drop zone and have about 45 foot putt to save your par.

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