Course Info

The MCO has bounced between being an Elite, Silver, & A-tier event for a few years now. This is the 2nd year that the Music City Open is being played at the Mill Ridge Disc Golf course. This year the DGPT has stretched out the course an additional 600 feet for both MPO and FPO while adding only 1 more throw to the par respectively for each division. Roughly half the holes are the same as last year with a very minor distance differences, most likely accounted for in some measurement inaccuracies between the two years. The other half of the holes are new to the event.

Caddy Book

Players have a chance at going out of bounds on 14 of the 18 holes at Mill Ridge. And not to be outdone, while most events are implementing some sort of island hole near the end of the round, this course upped the ante and put in back to back island holes on 16 & 17.

Keys to Success

With long skinny fairways lined with OB the key to getting thru this event is going to be keeping your discs from sliding out of the fairway costing you strokes. On the MPO side, approaching and C1 putts are going to be vital here. Last year Chris Dickerson won MPO while only hitting 1 out of 13 C2 putts. The course doesn’t seem to lend itself to needing them. Over in FPO, the story from last year was different. Missy Gannon won by hitting 29% of her C2 putts.


The one consistent aspect of this event is Chris Dickerson. Chris has won this event 4 of the last 6 years. He is a force to be reckoned with in the state of TN. Because this is an Elite series event this year, we will see all of the big names that are out on tour. The only notable names missing from the event is last week’s Silver Event winner Sai Ananda. Sai had a 1 month break in her tour schedule and went westward instead of east.

Re-Draft Players

Top Tier Picks

MPO: Chris Dickerson seems to be a lock here. Currently costing 1042 ratings points. A disappointing start to the season, but no better place to get started and warmed up for Champion’s Cup in 2 weeks.
FPO: Kristin Tattar will be coming back from Estonia and the combination of her distance and hopefully a clearer mind, it is hard to get away from her.

Mid Tier Picks

MPO: Nathan Queen. Queen is valued at 1021 points right now, and he has finished above his ratings position at this event in the past. It feels like the closer we get to the East Coast, the better Queen plays.
FPO: Caroline Henderson is still climbing the leaderboards. She is currently ranked 921 and I still believe her to be an absolute STEAL. On a longer course like this, her distance on both sides of the tee pad will be vital.

Low Tier Picks

MPO: Justin Rosak is exactly rated 1000. Probably one of the sneakier picks right now for value. Justin has played above that every event other than the Open at Austin.
FPO: Cadence Burge is an FPO player I would take if I used up a lot of points on 3 high ranking MPO players and needed a risky player at the bottom of FPO who could finish stronger.

My Picks


6000 points


6025 points
6025 points