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2023 FPO Sleepers

  1. Sai Ananda. Sai has never toured an entire season, but her name always seems to be mentioned in the top 10. Her best showing was finishing 7th at the USWDGC last year. And based on early registration, she is signed up for the first leg of the DGPT. Sai won’t shock you with her distance, but has a consistency that keeps her in the conversation at many of the events she is playing.
  2. Anniken Steen. Anniken has only been playing since 2018, and has yet to make her way over to the US for the DGPT tour. But this year, she is making the trip over the West Coast for the first leg of the DGPT tour. Anniken is a player that knows how to win in Europe with 5 wins in 2022. We don’t expect her to crack the top 5, she is going to be a player who should play above her rating.
  3. Ali Smith. Speaking about women who know how to win. Ali is the 2021 Amateur Disc Golf winner in the Advanced Women’s field. She has only been playing for 3 years and is another player who is registered for the first half of the season. You can expect Ali to get some of those top 15 spots early in the season.
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