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5 MPO Fantasy Sleepers in 2023

2023 Sleepers

Here is a list of our 5 fantasy sleepers for 2023.

  1. Cole Redalen. While he barely qualifies as a sleeper when you are rated 1026, he isn’t at the top of a lot of people’s draft boards. Cole has a new sponsorship agreement with DGA and has something to prove after a disappointing 2022 on the DGPT. Cole only finished in the top 10 a single time in 2022, but he is easily one of our sports hottest young talents and can throw a country mile.
  2. Zach Arlinghaus. Zach is currently rated 1007 but set to explode. Much like Gannon Buhr, he just finished up high school and will be on tour full time in 2023. I believe that Zach has the highest ceiling of anyone on this list. My only concern about Zach is this being his first big year on tour, it can take a while for people to adjust to the tour life. I would expect him to struggle early on but get his footing sometime in the middle of the season. He could be a guy you draft and sit on your bench the first few events to monitor.
  3. Gavin Babcock. Known by name mostly for being part of the young Prodigy crew last season, Gavin has moved to a new sponsor with Discmania. He couldn’t seem to find his A-game at the DGPT events, but finished 12th or better at every Major in 2022. If he can hold his focus like he did at the Majors week to week, he will be one of the best late pickups in your draft.
  4. Raven Newsom. An MVP sponsored player before it was cool. Raven is currently rated 1011 and down from his high of 1024 at the end of 2021. Pick up Raven late in your drafts and expect his rating to climb back up to the 1020s by the end of 2023 season.
  5. Jackie Chen. This is the deepest of the sleepers. He is currently only signed up for the LVC. Many remember Jackie’s story of his first rating coming in at a whopping 1040 (with only 3 rounds on it). Big expectations were not met when he came over to the US the first time in 2022. But with a little bit of travel under his belt, there is POTENTIAL for him to shoot above his rating. Rated at 994 currently, I do expect to see him shoot closer to the 1010 range, and like many players, could pop off for a few 1030 rated rounds if things go his way.
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