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2023 SkipAce Feature Updates

Do you remember when the iPhone first came out with apps? No? I’m Old. Ok, well whenever an app would get updated, I would read all the release notes in the App Store to see all the cool new features my favorite apps could do. (Yes, someone actually married me!) Now when you read them, they just say, “Performance updates and bug fixes.” BORING! So, here are the 2023 SkipAce.com feature & site updates.

Feature Updates

Draft leagues saw the biggest set of feature updates this off season. Last year was the debut of our draft league system, and it was a HUGE success. Thousands of people played in draft leagues. Now that we know that we have a solid working platform, we have expanded it with a few fun new features.

  1. FPO Division Spots. Your league can now add position slots specifically for the FPO division as a commissioner. This adds a new wrinkle in the draft process as to where you will draft FPO players. Is Tattar the number 1 draft pick now?
  2. Tour Selection. When you create or renew a league, you can now pick the tour slate you want to draft for. DGPT, DGPT + Silver, European Pro Tour, or PDGA EuroTour. Each tour selection includes corresponding Majors appropriate for their particular tour.
  3. Injured Reserve Spots. As commissioner you can designate an IR spot (or a few) for the teams in your league. An IR spot will lock a player into the IR spot for 3 weeks, making them unable to be used, but still on your team. Injuries happen.
  4. Waiver Wire Options (available VERY SOON). Last year it was a first come first serve for free agents Monday at 8am. This year we are implementing optional waiver settings for your draft leagues. Bidding system, rolling waivers, or standings-based waiver wire options will now be available. Or the good ole fashioned free for all. Waivers have moved to Tuesday morning now.
  5. Draft League Scoring Option (available VERY SOON). Your commissioner can select the type of scoring for your leagues. Your options are:
    • 1 place per point. Linear scoring. Same as last year. Fewest points wins the week.
    • Scaled point system (same as weekly re-draft leagues) going from +250 to -250 points. Most points wins. This benefits the higher finishers with a few bonus points compared to the field and penalizes your lower place finishers.

Site Updates

We have changed some of the background settings for leagues. Mostly giving commissioners more flexibility over their leagues.

  1. Premium Membership. No longer do you need to be a premium member to get the 8am day-of time to make your picks. Everyone gets that because it is the new default, instead we have some really great new opportunities for the Premium Members for this season! Stats and prizes.
  2. Alternates. Alternates are now optional. You can turn them on or off at the league level for commissioners.
  3. EU availability. Last year my credit card processor wasn’t setup to accept overseas cards. I think we have that all fixed up and we don’t need to work around that any longer. Goes along with the new tour selection option listed above.
  4. Renew last year’s league. As a league manager, you can renew last year’s league with all the same members. Or if you made better friends this year, kick the old ones out and put your new friends in there, who are ALL better putters than those old friends… but not as good as you.
  5. Draft Starts. We streamlined the draft league setup and starting. Now your commissioner will start the draft with the push of a button when everyone is ready, rather than a hard start time. Because let’s be honest, everyone has that friend that is 5 minutes late to the draft.
  6. Do Not Draft. We have added a “Do Not Draft” option in the draft room for people who end up getting auto-drafted. As long as users “thumbs down” players they don’t want before the draft, they won’t get drafted for them. Sorry Manabu & Emac, you won’t be drafted nearly as much this year.
  7. Share Your Draft. After your draft, there is a fun option to share your completed draft on whatever social media site you choose. Let the world see your fantastic team.

I think these changes are going to make for a much more fun and exciting season for everyone. I am already working on some great sponsorships for the site that will benefit our Premium Members. Sign up now, only $10 for the entire year.

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